A dance called love

What is love?

Love is a drug.

It cures you of your sickness. It sickens you with addiction.

Love is an action.

It is the will to be effortful when it no longer feels effortless.

Love is natural.

It is only human to love mother, motherland, man and mankind.

Love is a choice.

Spend considerable time and fall in or out of love with almost anything.

Love is an emotion.

It is the prancing butterflies and sweaty palms, the warmth and the strength.

Love is a dance.

This is the first entry in the 'Tidbit' section of my blog - a section which will be comprised of half-baked nuggets of wisdom and crumbs of nonsense.

These are, metaphorically, writing pad pages I crumple and throw into the bin, only to retrieve them later and say - "Meh, I might as well publish it."

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