Ode to Motilal

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

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I wrote this piece on 2nd May '17, hours before bidding my alma mater - NIT Allahabad a goodbye.

I will remember,

The sky-kissed 7th floor room of SVBH; the cosily cramped 62 Tilak of final year.

8 AM practicals I attended reluctantly; walks around the campus late into the night.

Auto trips to Civil lines akin to camel rides; cycling through the market by-lanes without a care.

Cacophony and aroma which abound the mess; lip-smacking dishes at all-night canteens.

Long, anxious waits at the placement office; childlike glee on seeing trains chug across the campus.

Hostel taps which ran dry; LAN and DC with gushing speed.

The frenzy of college fests; serenity at Ganges by the Ashram.

Enactus brainstorming sessions on MP Hall stairs ; Gnosis SAC quizzes- my weekly solace.

Seniors I tried to emulate; juniors I interacted with.

Uninspiring teachers; endearing friends.

The boy I walked in four years back; the man I leave today!

I will dearly miss the buildings, lawns and hostels, but more importantly, I will yearn to see these beautiful faces around me once again!

With a heavy heart I bid adieu to my extended family and my second home.

Ending my post in a fashion befitting a proud Moti -

#20134169 Signing off

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