The goblet of fullness

Updated: Oct 2, 2018


Have you ever drank from the goblet of fullness?

Gave the potion of joy a little swirl,

Inhaled the sweet smell of serenity,

Savoured a little sip of love.

Beautiful wasn’t it?

What about getting dunked into a barrel of poison?

Your face stinging with the burn,

Your lungs gasping for breath,

Life slowly ebbing out

with every gulp forced down your throat?

I often wondered, which of the ingredients

of this noxious concoction is the deadliest?

Ashamed of the times we were ashamed?

Fear reliving our darkest fears?

Hate the desires of hatred we harboured?

How sad can one be?

The grief and sorrow housed

in your ever-ballooning heart

debilitating you until the seams burst open

and drench you in mindless tears.

How much can betrayal hurt you?

The depths of your hollow stomach pit

aching from side to side

while you curl on the floor in a foetal position,

where none can hurt you anymore.

How enraged can you be?

Only the satisfaction of strangling her

with your bare hands

and then spitting down upon her carcass

can satiate you.

What is the height of fear?

The paranoid you,

threatened by your diminutiveness

in a world beyond fathom,

questions the nature of reality itself.

How much guilt can you bear?

Frantically trying to turn back

the unforgiving time,

to undo inexcusable crimes,

because your own skin is now ashamed to dress you.

Drink my friend, drink the sweet venom!

Revel in your arrogance, quiver with jealousy,

Lap up the misery, ruminate the regrets,

Plot the revenge, seethe with anger!

Live every moment awake with nothing

but the craving of nothingness.

And then cry yourself to sleep

only to be woken up in cold sweats.

Don’t just drink my friend, drown!

Let every orifice in your skin soak it in.

Surrender yourself.

Destroy yourself.

Because when you get your head out of the canister,

The first whiff of air that enters your nostrils,

will be the sweetest thing you ever taste.

I stand corrected - the sweetest thing you have tasted, yet.

Now, proceed to fill your goblet again.

Give the potion of despair a little swirl,

Inhale the sweet smell of shame,

Savor a little sip of pain.

Beautiful isn’t it? - the goblet of fullness.

This post was scribbled in under an hour on a Saturday afternoon with a backdrop of Rahman's music.

The mystical music contributed to the ambiguity of wordings and is also to blame for any grammatical errors and incoherency.

I like to think of it as a deeply optimistic poem disguised as its antithesis. I love coming up with new interpretations every time I read it !

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