Traits that tantalize

This post finds its genesis in a conversation I had with a friend recently about what qualities do we find attractive in another person (not necessarily of the opposite gender).

Both of us were quick to eliminate out characteristics not under a person's influence - looks, height, complexion. I omitted physical attractiveness, not because I wanted to be seen as not shallow, but because I see it as a depreciating asset.

Wealth, fashion and other materialistic parameters also went out of the window.

My friend finds self-respect, self-confidence, self-motivated (and a few other self related words) impressive. According to her, people who are constantly trying out something new, even at the risk of sucking at it, are appealing.

When it came to my turn, I thought long and hard and zeroed down on two items on my list.

1. Humor

2. Original thinker

Beyond the obvious that a funny person is fun company, humor implies a lot of tacit attributes.

For starters, humor is an indicator of intelligence. Quick wit, wordplays, double entendre- all require the use of intellect.

Humor in tough times, shows courage and equanimity.

Self-deprecating humour shows that the person is comfortable in his/her own skin and is self assured.

Knowing when and where to crack what joke showcases a concern for other's sensibilities.

An original thinker is sexy. His/her companionship is stimulating. Original thinking is the distinction between intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals.

Any other traits that you guys find alluring which did not find mention in our lists?

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